MYLES is a walk in a new city each issue, exploring culture, fashion and more.

We love travel. We love art. And we love culture. At the outset, we wondered why there hasn’t been a voice that shares stories of all three — together. The irony is that they are so intertwined. In the old world, publications had to cater to one demographic in order to maximize advertising revenue.

We know that today, the real world does not operate within these silos. So, who are “We”? MYLES is the brainchild of our co-founders: Sonya Yu, Zach Houghton Glassman and Jeff Staple.


Jeff Staple

JEFF STAPLE is a creative visionary with work encompassing graphic, fashion, footwear design, and brand marketing. He is the founder of creative agency REED ART DEP'T, streetwear clothing line STAPLE and Web3/NFT platform ZEALOT / STAPLEVERSE.

Sonya Yu

SONYA YU is a multi-hyphenate creative, coach and strategist with roots in art and branding. She is the founder of FOUR ONE NINE in San Francisco, a creative agency and community studio cultivating culture and artists.

Zach Houghton Glassman

ZACH HOUGHTON GLASSMAN is the founder of Passion Passport, a creative agency designing campaigns for global brands in travel and tourism. He is also an advisor, athlete and linguaphile.