Artist Alex Israel explores and embraces pop culture as a global visual language. Deeply entwined with his hometown of Los Angeles, he traffics in the detritus of Hollywood film production—backdrops, sets, and props. Occupying the spaces of pop culture and media, Israel’s collaborations with Ellis, Louis Vuitton, Rimowa, and Snapchat—along with his own Infrathin Apparel clothing line and his embrace of mass platforms such as Netflix
and YouTube—allow his work to engage directly with the mainstream, to glide across surfaces, from limitededition consumer products to teenagers’ smartphone screens, moving through our thoughts, algorithms, and clouds.

Will Rogers State Park
I love hiking up to the old metal bridge, and down through the stables and front lawn of the “Singing Cowboy’s” historic ranch. It’s never too crowded, and sometimes you’ll even catch polo practice, a family of deer making its way through the eucalyptus grove, or some happy folks on a horseback trail-ride just minutes from the bustle of the city.

El Matador State Beach
It’s all about the rock formations for me. I can’t think of a more beautiful spot from which one might take in the LA sunset, barefoot, waves crashing and pelicans gliding up the coastline.

The Arclight Hollywood
In the hopes that it returns to its pre-covid-closure glory, I’m adding this one to the list. The best place I’ve ever known to see a movie: perfect picture quality, most comfortable seats, incredible sound, best caramel corn
and of course, easy parking! Fingers crossed.

Venice Beach Skate Park
I actually just made a painting of it. I spent many quarantine hours there, finding inspiration in the mesmerizing talent of the young skaters who never fail to offer up the most beautiful, spirited entertainment to anyone who makes the pilgrimage. The Hollywood Bowl Another recent painting subject. It’s the only music venue I would long for during lockdown, hoping that it would finally reopen. And when it did this past summer I was beyond excited. No where else in LA can you sit beneath the stars, drink tequila, and enjoy the company of close friends, family, and thousands of fellow Anegelons while listening to the greatest hits of John Williams conducted by the master himself and performed live by the philharmonic. Heaven.

Venice Beach Skate Park

Public skate park.

El Matador State Beach

Beautiful sand and rock formations.