Museum Director


Hammer Museum director Ann Philbin has built a renowned exhibition program, a strong and distinctive institutional identity, and an international reputation for scholarly excellence and cutting-edge programming. Prior to that Ann was director of The Drawing Center in New York for nine years where she introduced the work of hundreds of emerging artists through its much-lauded viewing program as well as curated and presented major contemporary and historical drawing exhibitions.

1) Zuma Beach–especially off season. Hike to the top of the cliff at the southern end of the beach when the whales are migrating for a real thrill. There is a deep trench there that brings them really close to the shore. Zuma means abundance in the language of the Chumash Tribe and is considered a deeply spiritual place. You feel it. 

2) Any performance at the Hollywood Bowl. Most recent memorable evening was Yoyo Ma solo on an empty stage playing his cello for two and a half hours without a single sheet of music. A sold out house of almost 18,000 mesmerized (and vaccinated) people had a peak experience together. Also, the night years ago that the unknown band, Arcade Fire, fronted for David Byrne. 

3) The Santa Maria Novella boutique on Melrose Place. This scent can trace its roots back to Dominican Friars in Florence in 1221. It’s that good.

4) Art + Practice. A no-profit gallery in Leimert Park founded by artist Mark Bradford and his partner, Allan DiCastro. Great shows of BIPOC artists

5) The courtyard of the Hammer Museum in Westwood and it’s new restaurant Lulu run by Alice Waters and David Tanis. Need I say more?


Chef David Tanis and Alice Waters’ new restaurant
at the Hammer museum.

Zuma Beach

Malibu beach with long, wide sands and
excellent surf conditions.

Santa Maria Novella

Eau de colognes and soaps founded in
Florence, Italy in 1612.